Block Wall Construction

Best Block Wall Construction Services In Portland OR

AG General Contractor LLC has a remarkable approach for best block wall construction services in Portland, OR, that are durable and visually pleasing. We aim to understand your specific needs and preferences to design a block wall that serves its functional purpose and enhances the surrounding architecture and landscape. We begin by preparing the construction site. We level the area and lay a robust foundation for concrete block retaining walls. Our focus on a solid foundation ensures the stability and durability of your block wall. We offer a variety of block types, including concrete, cinder, and decorative blocks, available in different colors, textures, and sizes. Our assurance is to provide high-quality materials best suited to your site’s environmental conditions. We follow all safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe working environment for our team and a secure construction process for your property.

A man constructing a retaining wall using concrete blocks.

Advanced Masonry Techniques for Superior Block Walls

Our skilled masons and workers use cutting-edge techniques and tools for precision in block wall construction. We pay careful attention to the placement and alignment of each block, securing them with mortar for a strong and interconnected structure. We also specialize in custom features like built-in seating, planters, or lighting to add unique touches to your block wall. We regularly evaluate our work to satisfy your expectations and industry standards. We ensure a thorough post-construction cleanup, leaving your site neat and orderly after our block wall construction services in Portland, OR. After completing your decorative block wall design, we provide maintenance tips and advice for its upkeep. Our after-service support is always available for any further queries or additional services you might need. Contact us for a free estimate of our reliable services.


Why Choose us

Innovative Design Options

We pride ourselves on offering innovative design options that set your block wall apart. Our design staff collaborates with you to produce a wall that is a work of art, regardless of your preference for a modern or classic style.

Seamless Project Management

We handle each aspect of the block wall-building procedure with ease. Our effective project management ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience for you, with every project stage executed with precision and care.

Diverse Portfolio

Our diverse portfolio showcases a wide range of block wall projects we've completed. With our experience that covers a wide range of styles and levels of complexity, we can manage any job regardless of its complexity.